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Can you think of anything better than making money with your hobby? Immerse yourself in the world of cryptocurrencies and secure our token. Together we can grow into one of the best games in the crypto world. Buy it directly or buy where ever you want: CA:0xd0c642ef75d239bd9028e90bbb2cd87bc350e862

BridgedDoge User Dashboard

You are early. Our Dashboard is under develompent. Check out the Demo instead

BridgedDoge NFT Collection

We are currently concentrating heavily on game development. NFTs coming soon.

are you ready for a new level of FPS ?

bridged doge

Experience a world that will amaze you. Climb higher levels and compete against players from all over the world in countless exciting battles, to win one of the coveted prizes.

Unique and fascinating world

Experience a breathtaking world with completely different physical properties than on our earth. This fictional world was built on bridges that serve to protect civilization from attacks by hostile beings.

Customizable players and weapons

Be part of our game and make it yours. With customizable skins and weapons, you can choose your character exactly how you like it. Be better than the others, be individual.

The Battles

With new challenges and battles every week, you can turn your hobby into an extra income. In exciting battles against other players from around the world you can be the winner of big prizes.

WATCH OUR GAME GROW - join us on telegram for more!

BridgedDOGE Updates

Day 1 - Day 5
  • Stealth Launch
  • Twitter & Telegram Community
  • Various coin listings
  • First Gameplay Video
  • Simple Buildings and Mechanics
  • First Map: Cyber City
  • DEV doxxed
Day 5 - Day 10
  • Map Update, High Graphical Textures
  • New Weapons and Tactical Skills
  • New Characters
  • Exanded Map, Cyber City is getting bigger
  • NYC Billboard
Day 10 - Day 15
  • Space X Billboard
  • New Maps
  • User Dashboard Development beginned
  • First Gameplays Live @ telegram hosted by the Devs
Day 15 - Day 20
  • First Gameplay Demo finished
  • WEB3 Dapp Online
  • DEMO available for Download
  • Many improvements
Whats next ?
  • We just announced our BATTLEROYAL MODE
  • Audit is done
  • AMA with Achilles
  • Much more to come


for the moon mission

We are developing the probably most innovative FPS that cryptospace has ever seen. To be successful together, we need your share. Check out our Tokenomics.


Thoughtful and superior marketing. We want to see the best and most exciting game in cryptospace grow.


Stable liquidity for stable growth. LP is locked for 1 Year and will be extended.

Team Wallet

No, we don't have a team wallet. Our game & token is being developed by a passionate team - alongside our day jobs. This is our passion - our merit is the success of our token.


Coming soon

Our team

Meet our TEAM

Game DEV

Contract Dev & Marketing

Technical Advisor


Looking for answers?

How to Buy BridgedDoge Token ?

Buy us on Pancakeswap, PooCoin, Dextools...

Wherever you want!


How do i get NFTs?

NFTS will come with the GAME! This will be very special, you have never seen this before

Which Plattform for the game ?

Our game will be available on Windows. More to come

Who are the team behind the project?

We are a passionate team of normal people in an almost normal world. We enjoy what we do - and success is our only goal